One World Media hosts Global Reporting Summit [Worldwide]

Journalists around the world are invited to participate in this online and in-person reporting summit.

One World Media is hosting its Global Reporting Summit 2021.  The summit brings the international community of journalists together to explore the most pressing challenges and solutions facing the media industry.

Experts worldwide will discuss the realities of reporting on the most crucial and long-running stories of a generation – the climate, COVID and refugee crisis – all against the backdrop of increasing threats to press freedom.

The two-day event will be held Oct. 12 to 13 at the Frontline Club in London.  All sessions will be available online via a Vimeo Livestream or Zoom webinar.

Tickets are GBP14.  Discounted tickets are available for students at GBP9.

For more information visit :

Author: Norice Emmanuel

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