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Windows 10 Pro (Build 10240) and Spanish x64 RTM

Generated directly from the Microsoft ESD Archives, full version, decides without any modification.

It allows you to upgrade or install Windows 7/8 Pro from scratch.

It is the ideal version for desktops, laptops and dessert convertibles with 4GB of RAM or ms, but with 3GB of RAM or more for the x86 version.

To create a bootable USB dump for RUFUS, use “GPT Partition for UEFI” mode, if you want to equip it in UEFI mode, if you are using a laptop or PC that supports traditional bios, use “MBR partition for BIOS” or UEFI-CSM mode are “MBR for UEFI participants”.

You will get Windows 7/8 Pro/Ultimate license and Windows 10 Pro automatic updates for original activation, no crack or crack required

Windows 10 Pro RTM x64 Español Spanish (PC)

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