Ọrọdata calls for journalists towards Transformative Healthcare Reporting

Orodata Science and Open Cities Lab (OCL) is calling for application from journalists to participate in the Transformative Healthcare Reporting.

Orodata Science, a non-profit and civic technology organisation who had earlier announced the commencement of a data collection project in six selected states across Nigeria, is now thrilled to involve journalists in a frontline investigative reporting to better the primary health care system we have in Nigeria.

Orodata Science and OCL are thrilled to embark on this journey of equipping journalists with the tools and knowledge needed to catalyse change through transformative healthcare reporting. By collaborating with the media, we aim to drive awareness, influence policy decisions, and foster community-driven improvements in Primary Health Care centres across Nigeria. This initiative is a pivotal component of the project, aiming to leverage data collected from Primary Health Care (PHC) centres for impactful storytelling and informed reporting.

The project is centred on harnessing the power of data to shed light on the state of PHC centres across Nigeria. Through strategic partnerships, data collection mechanisms have been established to gather comprehensive insights into the challenges and successes faced by these centres.

Key Program Highlights:

Data-Driven Journalism: The training program will empower journalists to harness data to uncover nuanced stories within the healthcare sector. Participants will gain hands-on experience in accessing, analysing, and visualizing healthcare data to create impactful narratives.

Insights: Journalists will be introduced to the project’s data findings, allowing them to understand the challenges and successes experienced by PHC centres. This knowledge will enable them to craft stories that shed light on real-world issues affecting communities.

Storytelling Techniques: Participants will learn how to transform complex data into compelling narratives that resonate with audiences. The program will explore various storytelling formats, including data-driven articles, infographics, multimedia presentations, and more.

Collaborative Network: The training will provide a platform for journalists to connect with experts, fellow journalists, and healthcare professionals. This collaborative network will foster knowledge-sharing and the potential for future partnerships.

Training Details: The Frontline Investigative Reporting will take place from 1 September 2023 to 30 January 2024. The program will comprise interactive workshops, practical exercises, and guest lectures by industry experts. Participants will engage in hands-on data analysis and storytelling activities, working towards producing insightful healthcare stories.


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Author: Ruth Kasham

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