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Are you always restless like a puzzle when cutting boards, etc.? Cutting Planner significantly reduces manual work that takes several hours, thanks to a unique algorithm that combines real factory work experience with computer power. By using a cutting schedule that counts as a production order, anyone can work efficiently. You don’t need a master. And you can get an accurate estimate.

What is truncation optimization

Cut Optimizer is software that cuts multiple sub-boards from the original board such as plywood, aluminum board and steel board.

Calculate a highly efficient cutting table using plate saws, liquid saws and shrinkage. It is used in the production of furniture, processing of steel plates and sheets, etc.

The calculation results can be verified on a computer screen, printed and used as a construction site order. You can also use it to calculate estimates.

It also supports the optimization of long material cuts.

Even long materials such as rods, pipes and hoses calculate the layout for efficient cutting. Cutting Planner supports both 1D and 2D with one software.

How are you

The official website does not contain information about changes in this version.

Cutting Planner 10

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