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Mini Games for Kids Purble Place is a collection of single player puzzles created by Oberon Games. The game package contains three casual games aimed at teenagers. The goal of each game is to develop the player’s thinking, coordination and memory while ensuring fun while playing. Although the game was originally aimed at children, older audiences can still enjoy it as the difficulty level gets more and more challenging, as your gaming platform for Purble Place games is a collection of casual games from 2007 that were included with Windows Vista. However, Windows XP and later support the program, so you can still download it. As stated, it is a package of three mini-games, each independent of the other. You can access each game from the menu option. The titles are Purble Pairs, Comfi Cakes and Purble Shop, all with their own take on the classic (function() { (‘review-app-page-desktop’); }); Purble Pair is a pattern recognition game and software approach to the classic match-two game. The goal is to clear the card field by revealing two cards of the same suit with the same move. It comes with grids that you have to clear, starting with 5×5 grids and then 6×6 and 8×8 grids. The grids have been scaled to be even more challenging. Also, the more you progress, the more images will be displayed. The game offers a Sneak Peak option to help you find all the remaining cakes, while also being a hand-eye coordination game. Here you run a bakery where you have to assemble a cake to order. Cakes come in different shapes, flavors, glazes and other decorations. Depending on the order, you can make a simple one-layer cake or a multi-layer cake. You can also decorate it lavishly as long as it suits the order. Failure to follow the correct order will result in a penalty. When you get the order wrong three times in a row, the game is , Purble Shop is a math test disguised as a code breaker. It shows five features such as hat, nose, eyes and clothes. The game hides these items from the player. Choose from the color selection and set the right characteristic color with as few movements as possible. Initially, there will be three features with three possible colors. The number of possible combinations increases as you progress to intermediate and advanced play, and Purple Place graphics are a cost-effective alternative to interactive toys. The games are simple enough for kids to grasp the basics in no time, but challenging enough to give their brains a good workout. However, the program is very simple without complications. The graphics are also not that impressive. Still, it’s charming because of the cartoon characters and the whimsical style of the buildings. However, players must note that there is no multiplayer mode for all ages. Purble Place is a simple yet challenging game that you can play or encourage young people to play. The games offered make the experience more dynamic as each game is different in terms of game mechanics. The graphics could be modernized and the addition of a multiplayer mode is welcome. However, the games are fun and educational.

Purble Place

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