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Sapphire plugins allow you to create stunning, organic looks unmatched by any host’s native effects tools. Key features include over 270 effects and over 3,000 presets, a powerful effects and transition tool, and integrated tracking and masking with Oscar-winning Mocha. Sapphire’s exceptional image quality, control and rendering speed deliver massive time savings, allowing creators to focus on what matters most, and deliver an impact that keeps viewers coming back.

New for 2023

– New effect! Easily create gorgeous cinematic looks, add dreamy refractions and reflections, build on unique signature highlights and more with Sapphire PrismLens.

– New effect! Bring your footage to life with sleek and accurate film and camera grain thanks to Sapphire UltraGrain technology.

– New passage! Combine photos with a realistic optical glow, including ambient noise and lights, with Sapphire DissolveUltraGlow.

– New presets! Includes 18 updated sapphire highlights and more.

New in 2023! Lens with sapphire prism

Designed to recreate photography using a physical prism, the S_PrismLens reflects and refracts light to create a cinematic and dreamy look. It comes with a rich set of parameters that give editors and artists unparalleled freedom and control to create simple, linear and circular reflections. Great for music videos, travelogues, movie intros, social media and even stills anywhere you want to create stunning images.

Create a cup

S_PrismLens contains a rich set of parameters to create countless prism views. Start in one of three different bounce modes: simple, linear, or radial. Change the shape of the lens to any type of sphere or polygon, paint it with Mocha color or combine it with any outer layer for a custom glass look.

Add finishing pastes

Work with different blending modes to make the reflection transparent. Add beautiful chromatic aberration. Apply subtle softening glitters, dancing highlights, light spills or gradient color overlays for a more stylized and cinematic effect. Keyframe the outer shape or inner source material for a “handmade” look, and work with pre-animated highlights and lights to add the finishing touches. Or use Oscar’s Mocha tracking to animate the shape of the lens, isolate and paste the effect to a specific area of ​​interest, or use masking tools to create custom lens shapes.

Performance setting

S_PrismLens offers a wide range of presets that demonstrate the versatility and breadth of the versatile effect. Perfect for applying a quick look or creativity.

New in 2023! UltraGrain Sapphire

Built for the modern VFX artist, editor and colorist. S_UltraGrain accurately reproduces the properties and aesthetics of film and camera with the necessary flexibility of a digital toolbox. S_UltraGrain creates art The grain management experience is completely natural and lightning fast with native CUDA and Metal GPU acceleration.

Camera and Movie Preferences

Take the pain out of accurately reproducing grain profiles. S_UltraGrain includes a library of 80 professionalpresets designed with the most popular film and digital cameras such as Arri Alexa, Red, Canon, Sony and more.

New in 2023! Sapphire Dissolve UltraGlow

Get ready for your favorite new card based on the most popular Sapphire card! S_DissolveUltraGlow adds new optical glow features and options along with new lights and ambient noise parameters. Includes 14 new presets.

New in 2023! Updated sapphire lens flares

Known in the film and TV industry for its beautiful and natural-looking results, Sapphire’s award-winning Lens Flare now has 18 more reasons to love it with the new and improved Sapphire 2023 Lens Flares and precise motion tracking right in the plug-in. Perfect lights where you need them

Boris FX Sapphire Plug ins 2023

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