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In addition, Microsoft has the revelation of Windows 11. Part of the annco’s main ritual of the main stage of the establishment in the environment is important for the user interface called Sun Valley. If you can, it is very important to have experience using the shell system for Windows 10X and Windows 10X, and there is nothing else to do. Now, com esperado, au vazamento de informaes do Windows 11 comea.

Windows 11 is not required:

– From Windows 11 reception of the new design. Microsoft has the right openness to future outbreaks and restores them with Windows 10 and the latest version of the operating system.

– As elementos de partida sistema iro flutular acima da barra inferior. Iniciar or carto de visita or rosto de todas as recent paragraphs in Windows. No wonder, there is no Windows 11, if the developers will make new reforms, moreover there is no tanto em termos funcionais quanto visual – and poorer than the beginning.

– Give basic translcido with desfoque em todos os lugares. If the difference does not exist whether we have exibio das janelas, or desenho dos cantos au efeito de levitao do menu, mas quase todos so unnimes quanto transparncia das janelas.

– Nova fonte que foi mostrada. O Windows 11 uses the Segoe UI Variable padro font, which is not the same as Windows 10 Build 21376 for Inbound. Sua advanzione que eveno adequate for pequenos textos and grandes inscries. It is therefore a distinctive feature of the brand types, which previously belonged to the valais pequenos or grandes. For example, another version of Windows 10 uses the Segoe UI font, 9pt projects. Em writes menores, torna-se pouco legvel e, em writes grandes, parece inexpressivo.

– From Windows 11 ter novos console and as a console to do Windows 95 desaperasero. Sim, you can’t imagine being crazy. The latest version from Microsoft has been modified to support the system. There is no apenas de atalhos for pastas, latas de lixo and other cones encontratos no Explorer. All types of seeds are supplied without the Shell32 directory. There is a possibility of Windows 95, and it was recently opened and Microsoft has changed the structure of internal connections – it is clear or change to Windows 11.

– From Windows 11 ter inovaes funcionais – there are many, more than that it is interesting. Many people can use their own design. How it can be done from Windows 11 and Windows 10X (cancel the operating system for windows and doors, reset images) format from Windows 11, no matter how you do it, the other way will not work with Windows 1.1. Windows 11 more than a camera is not included in the computer – from the author of the show

Windows 11 Build 21996.1 x64 en-US Lançamento 2021

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