Reporting from the African frontline of the global climate crisis

Danida Fellowship Centre and the Danish Embassy in Kenya invite journalists in Africa to apply for training on climate change reporting.

The prime goal of the training is to pave the way for climate news and feature stories that are relevant for Africans. Media plays an essential role in getting the message of climate change and the stories of adaptation and mitigation across to the public as well as to decision-makers. When journalists tell well-informed and accurate climate stories, they help citizens and decision-makers understand the realities of climate change and the possible responses.

This learning programme “Reporting from the African Frontline of the Global Climate Crisis” is designed for professional journalists including photographers and videographers working in African print and broadcast media. The participating journalists must have both experience and a keen interest in covering the global climate crisis and environmental issues.

To take part in the learning programme, participating journalists must be assigned by their managing editors to produce and publicise stories about the world’s climate crisis from an African perspective.

Timing and venues

The learning programme will take place in the following periods and will include the following three main components:

Friday 16 June 2023, Application deadline

3 & 9 August 2023, Online (TBC)
28 August – 2 September 2023, MS TCDC Arusha, Tanzania
4-6 September. The African Climate Action Summit in Nairobi, Kenya.

Transfer from Tanzania to Nairobi will be arranged during the weekend of 2-3 September 2023.

Submissions of a set of mandatory outputs is a must for the participation of the journalists. For more info, see the mandatory outputs from last year, and watch the video about the learning journey of the journalists.

The programme is a unique learning opportunity offered to journalists from African media. The background is the severe challenges and devastating consequences of the global climate crisis especially faced by the African continent.

Please note that participants must be able to discuss course topics in English and to use a PC. The participants are requested to bring their own laptops.

Application Procedure

Candidate must attach a letter of endorsement by a Line Manager or Editor of the candidate indicating that the produced stories during the training and the summit will be published or broadcast.

Candidate must fill in the first three pages of the Fellowship application form (attached).

The Fellowship Form must be countersigned by the relevant desk officer at the Royal Danish Embassy (On page 4 “co-financed” must be ticked off as well as paragraph 3 on invoice information).

After endorsement, the Embassy is kindly asked to forward all forms directly to DFC together with a copy of the passports (page with name and date of birth).

Deadline for the form to reach DFC’s Eva Thaulow by email is Friday 16 June 2023

Please note that it is only possible to apply for the full learning programme and not parts of it. The applicant is to declare full commitment in a letter signed by the applicant or line manager including commitment to the African Climate Action Summit press accreditation. It is advisable that at least two journalists from each country take part.


Apply here

Author: Ruth Kasham

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