NCDC & Partners Launch Media Fellowship to Strengthen Health Reporting in Nigeria

The MEDIA-EIS Fellowship is a premier capacity-building program established to develop the knowledge, and skills, of journalists working in the public health space through comprehensive training on Basic Epidemiology, Infodemiology, and Social and Behaviour Change (SBC)/Risk Communication. The Fellowship recognises the parallels between the three programme areas and how each impacts the other.

The Fellowship consortium designed the programme to enhance the success of field epidemiology investments, and to contribute to disease prevention, detection, and control of outbreaks, thereby strengthening Nigeria’s health security.

This fellowship will engage closely with mentors, who are experts in journalism and public health, technical staff from the One Health Ministries, Departments, and Agencies, as well as subject-matter experts. Fellows will be exposed to relevant research, disease and/or thematic technical working groups, key decision makers, and timely information that will aid them in delivering policy-impacting and perception-shaping media content.

The MEDIA-EIS Fellowship is expected to create a cadre of media experts who will not only play a more qualitative role in outbreak coverage and reportage but also play the critical role of ensuring accountability, transparency, and upholding best practices in finance, equity, and human rights observation during outbreaks. Trained Fellows will ensure less privileged populations are not marginalised but have the same attention as their more privileged counterparts across the entire spectrum of emergency preparedness and response.

ELIGIBILITY – The Fellowship is open to all journalists in the health sector in Nigeria. Person specifications and other requirements are provided in the call for applications. The first cohort will consist of thirty successful applicants.

DURATION – Four (4) months

FORMAT – Hybrid


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Author: Ruth Kasham

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