Call for applications: Join Journalists to Fact-check Mis/Disinformation in Mali

Code for Africa (CfA), through its flagship network the African Fact-checking Alliance (AFCA) is offering stipend-based fellowships to journalists and/or fact-checkers based in Mali. The fellowship aims to help increase resilience to manipulative information within the Malian information ecosystem.

As part of a joint initiative between CfA and USAID, these part-time fellowships are available to journalists and fact-checkers in Mali to support their efforts to strengthen the integrity of information and demystify rumours of mis/disinformation reported in communities in Mali.

The fellowship

For this cohort, CfA will award six, 6-month long stipend-based fellowships to pioneering journalists and/or fact-checkers in Mali to produce fact-checking articles and spotlight the most egregious or toxic disinformation.

The fellows will receive intensive editorial training and mentoring from our PesaCheckiLAB, and CfA’s African Fact-checking Alliance (AFCA) team through webinars and workshops, which they are encouraged to implement and share with their colleagues and peers within their organisations/newsrooms.

The fellows will use their  skills and platform of choice to share and amplify the resulting debunking. The fact-checks can take the form of written, visual or audio, primarily in local languages, with a particular focus on targeting young people.

The details of the fellowship are outlined as follows:

  • Number of awards: Up to six Fellows will be selected.
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Award amount: Each Fellow will receive a suitable monthly stipend.
  • Additional support: Fellows will receive hands-on technical training, followed by one-on-one project mentorship by the fact-checking team from PesaCheck, investigative analysts from the iLAB, along with support from CfA’s staff technologists, data analysts, multimedia producers and editors. Fellows will also receive support that they can leverage to either strengthen the CheckDesks/newsrooms they belong to, or initiate flagship CheckDesks within these newsrooms that spotlight the most egregious or toxic disinformation.
  • Publishing support: Fellows will publish their project in their ‘home’ media, but will receive support to also publish internationally.

Candidates must meet the following criteria: 

  • You must be an established journalist or digital storyteller with a minimum of one year working in the media. You must have a portfolio of published work you can share.
  • Preferred experience in fact-checking.
  • You must be affiliated with a media partner: As such you must publish/broadcast your work in mainstream media.
  • You must be fluent in French and preferably Bambara.
  • You must have access to a reliable laptop or desktop computer with stable internet connectivity, to be able to participate in program activities and online courses/mentoring.
  • You must be based in Mali.
  • You must commit to publishing/disseminating your work on an appropriate public platform. CfA will assist with partnerships/syndications where appropriate.
  • You must commit to sharing your new skills and knowledge within your organisation, by presenting your projects and techniques to your peers.
  • Be available for virtual meetings.

Apply here

Author: Ruth Kasham

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