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Windows 10 Manager 3.6.3 (x32/x64) Portable download torrent

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Yamicsoft Windows 10 Manager is a system tool that helps you optimize, modify, repair, and clean Windows 10. It will increase your system speed, eliminate system errors, improve system security, and meet all your expectations. Windows 10 Manager is a system tool that helps you optimize, modify, repair, and clean Windows 10. Windows 10 Digital It will speed up your system, eliminate system errors, improve system security, and meet all your expectations.


Get detailed system information and all the hardware information about your system; help you find the installation key for Windows and Office products; view all the process information and detailed threads on your machine. Windows 10 Manager offers a 1-click cleaner that automatically cleans your system; The Repair Center helps you solve various system problems.


Adjust your system to improve Windows startup and shutdown speed, adjust your hardware to increase system speed and performance; Check starter on Windows startup, check and repair advanced boot objects to recover from malicious virus replacement; Modify and optimize system services and task scheduling, intelligent disable system services and unnecessary tasks to improve system performance.


Finding out which files or folders are on your disk and are displayed graphically; Smart Uninstaller can remove programs from your system completely with no files or registry entries left; Search and clean junk files to increase hard disk space; Duplicate File Finder can scan your computer for files of the same size, name, and time change; Registry Cleaner checks and repairs incorrectly connected registry records; Defrag Registry rebuilds and re-indexes your registry to reduce registry entry time and thus improve program responsiveness; Desktop Cleaner can easily clean up worthless icons and files on your desktop.


Customize the look of your system by adjusting your system browser, desktop, start menu, taskbar and notification bar; Manage attachments, and you can attach any file or folder to the taskbar and home screen; Create quick startup objects on the taskbar with the jump list launcher; Adjust Windows 10 Start menu; Edit right-click context menus; Easily edit the Win + X menu that appears when you right-click on the bottom left-hand corner of the desktop or the Win + X keyboard shortcut; Create the shortcut that runs fast when the dialog box is running. Visual Customizer can change the system and file type icons, change the lock screen automatically.


Improve system security by modifying system components, UAC, and login settings; Modify system recovery options; Hide and restrict access to devices and applications; Encrypt / Decrypt files, move system folders to secure locations; Undo accidentally delete filefiles or disk formatted; Privacy Protector can maintain your privacy by removing traces you leave behind; Hide, add, or delete entries on the control panel.


Optimize your internet connection speed, manage all shared objects; Easily customize Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer; IP Switcher can easily change your IP address to another network; Edit the Hosts fileto speed up browsing the Internet and only allow access to the specified hosts.

Other equipment:

View your Windows toolkit and attach system objects to the Home screen and task bar; share and merge all files; Automatically backup your files regularly with Super Copy. The registration tools help you to use the register easily.

Operating system: Win10



Windows 10 Manager 3.6.3 (x32/x64) + Portable


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TechSmith Camtasia 2021 Download Torrent

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Camtasia Studio is an all-in-one professional solution for recording, editing and sharing high quality screen videos on the web, CD-ROMs and portable media players including iPod. Everything Download Torrent
With support for different video standards, you can ensure the delivery of content now and in the future. Easily capture your screen, PowerPoint, multiple audio and webcam videos to create engaging workout videos, screencasts and presentations without leaving your desktop. With the power of Camtasia Studio’s interactive videos, you can deliver high quality content at any time, even to your most remote audience.

Camtasia Studio helps you keep up with the mobile world, making it easy to publish videos and MP3s to iPods and other portable media players. Now your current marketing message, screencast, keynote or training video can reach your audience virtually anywhere on the bus, cafe or when you run. Camtasia Studio videos are simply designed for sharing.

Smart trigger controls tailored to you

Crystal clear display in all sizes with Camtasia SmartFocus

Simple and versatile video sharing with TechSmith ExpressShow

Precise editing and smooth screen navigation

Professional content without much production time

With the smartest tools for screenshots on the planet, Camtasia Studio makes everything from training videos to PowerPoint presentations and lectures look better, reach more people and gain more power. Which makes you look even smarter.

record nothing

Easily create trainings, demos, presentations, online opportunities are endless. Get in touch with your audience including screenshots, audio, voicemail, PowerPoint, picture-in-picture and webcam video.

edit and improve

Edit and enhance your video with balloons, titles, credits, zoom, scrolling, quizzes and additional audio tracks. Extensive editing options for Camtasia Studio are at hand.


Publish to Flash, QuickTime and various video formats and share on the web, CD or DVD. You can use the Production Assistant to help you choose the best format and settings to share with your audience, or you can have full control over codecs and audio and video quality, frame rate, color depth and switch effects on or off special offers.


German, English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Japanese

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TechSmith Camtasia 2021


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Everything Download Torrent

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Free Search Tool for WindowsEverything is a system tool that helps you locate any file or directory stored on your Windows device. It works incredibly fast and gives users real-time results. Although Everything Search does nothing but search for your data, it does so efficiently and does not use too many system resources. The latest version of Everything for Windows works with both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, and is easy to set up and use. It offers several search-oriented features that make it easy to find documents, images, videos and audio files. Users can even customize the software based on individual preferences. Several alternatives that also offer similar features to Everything are Ava Find, SearchMyFiles and Windows Search. (Function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); What is the Everything program? easy is a search appliance that helps you find any file or directory stored on your Windows computer. It only takes a few seconds to find data from disorganized disk space. To make it easier to work with, the software provides multiple filters, sorters, and a user-friendly interface. Does the program have a simple interface? After downloading the program, you will all be confronted with the main interface of the program. This window is divided into two sections – one for search and the other for results. Once you run All Searches, it will create an index of all the files and folders available on your computer. The time required for this will depend on the number of folders and files available on the desktop. Although the search page shows different filters and sorters, the results page shows several different fields. These include filename, size, path, creation date, last change date, last access time and other parameters. If you do a simple search, you will get results in firmware time. However, using a filter or sorting the results may take longer. What are the characteristics of Everything? One of the key features of Everyday for Windows is the ability for users to search for keyword data. This makes it much easier to search for files, since you do not have to memorize the name of the document you want to search. Although you can not enter long sentences in the search bar, it will work to enter a few sentences. When launched, Everyday Search creates an index of all folders and files stored on the desktop. During this process, the tool adds certain features to all available files. Although it consumes a lot of system memory, it helps you to get faster results if you use available filters and sorters. In addition to enabling keyword search and applying filters, Everyday for Windows remembers your previous search queries. This feature allows you to enter complex search queries into the search bar and expect immediate results. In addition, the program allows users to rename multiple files at once, modify extensions, and modify the text stored in folders and files. Next, an advanced feature found in Everyday, is that it allows users to connect to HTTP, ETP or FTP servers for remote retrieval. Although this feature only works on local computer networks, it can be useful for small offices and homes Is the All Search programfree? Everyday Search is free to download and runs on all versions of Windows, including Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and more. In addition, the lightweight program does not consume too many system resources and does not slow down the computer. Is everything safe? One of the best benefits of downloading Everything For Windows is that it is safe to download and use. The program does not collect any personal information, which allows you to search for any file or folder available on the desktop. You can also easily search for files by keywords and phrases and wait for the result in seconds. Is Search Everything Good App. It is user-friendly and has a variety of search-oriented tools that make it easier to find your content. The program is also very fast, so all the results appear in seconds. You can also use the program’s built-in filters and sorters to find data. V Ray v5 .