ICFJ-Facebook Training and Reporting Grant Program 2020:Reporting on Refugee Communities amidst Pandemic

Applications are opened for the ICFJ-Facebook Training and Reporting Grants Program 2020: Reporting on Refugee Communities amidst Pandemic.

The international Centre For Journalist (ICFJ), is pleased to partner with Facebook Journalism Project on a training project that allows Journalist across the Middle East and North Africa to produce high quality and engaging stories that shines a light on life in refugee camps at this time of the Corona Virus Pandemic

The program equips Journalists with the skills, resources and technical support needed to produce compelling reports that surface underreported stories from refugee camps across countries with large refugee communities, with an emphasis on the direct and indirect consequences of Covid-19 on an already struggling community. The goal is to ensure that vulnerable communities are not forgotten during the global pandemic.

For more info visit https://opportunitydesk.org/2020/05/25/icfj-facebook-training-reporting-grants-program-2020/


Author: hannatu mato

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