Call for tenders: Podcasting trainers and coaches

DW Akademie is looking for podcasting trainers and coaches for various countries and regions focusing on climate change or mental health

As the Coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing invasion of Ukraine have shown, during a crisis, people more than ever need accurate and trustworthy information, programming that provides reliable answers to their most pressing questions and debunks misinformation and disinformation and is produced and packaged in a way that is accessible and relatable to help them understand the context and complexity of the crisis.

The goal of the Crisis Podcast Initiative is to support media organizations and media creators to strengthen their skills and knowledge in podcasting and support these to develop, produce and distribute crisis podcasts.

Please find the complete call in the downloads section below

Required Services:

  1. Podcasting Trainer (2) and Coach (West Africa, French-speaking) with a focus on climate change
  2. Podcasting Trainer and Coach (Myanmar/Thailand) with a focus on mental health
  3. Podcasting Trainer and Coach with a focus on climate change
  4. Podcasting Trainer and Coach in Namibia


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Author: Ruth Kasham

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